Yousmarg is a pine framed grassy hilltop meadow. The divine beauty of the place is beyond words. Dense pine trees, grassy pastures with multi-hued blossoms and snow clad mountain peaks in the background. Increasingly becoming a popular hill station of Jammu and Kashmir, many factors contribute to its allure. It is situated 47 kms to southwest of Srinagar at an altitude of 8900 ft. The valley is perfect to enjoy the blessed natural beauty. Adventures also abound in the valley as there are beautiful lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Known as the trekkers’ paradise it is full of thrilling trails. Yousmarg is also known as the ‘Meadow of Yesu’. It is believed to be the home of the Lord.
Tourist Attractions in Yousmarg

1.Sang-E-Safed Valley
Sang-E-Safed Valley (white rock) is an oval shaped meadow bisected by the River Doodh Ganga. It is located around 10 kilometers uphill from Yousmarg. Trekking is the thrilling way to reach the heights. It also serves as the base camp for trekking to Tatta Kutti Mountain. The verdant spread of pine is a pleasant location for picnicking.

Charar-I-Sharif is counted as one of the most scared Muslim shrine in India. The holy wooden shrine built in praise of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani, as Sufi saint. Approximately 600 years old the shrine receives devotees of all faiths.

3.Doodh Ganga
Doodh Ganga is one of the tourist attractions of Yusmarg that lies in its close vicinity. The water of the river makes a little white foam while crashing on its way over the rocks and thus, it got its name ‘Doodh’ means milk. On the bank of the river, tourists either love to undertake a natural walk or enjoy picnic. The river is also known as the ideal spot for angling activities.

Nilnag Lake is 4 kms away from the valley. The Frozen Lake is one of the most visited tourist destination. The lake is located at the height of 2180 meters above the sea level. Through a rough trekking path in the middle of dense forest the lake can accessed. The water of the lake are crystal clear blue color, after which it has got the name ‘Nil’ (blue). It serves as an ideal picnic spots. Mahadiv Mountain and sunset peak are the famous points of interest here.
Tosmaiden is another popular meadow blessed with natural beauty and has a historical backdrop. Bounded by dense green forests the verdant landscaped is a charming beauty.