Snowmobiling in gulmarg plays an important role in the field of winter sports activities.Snowmobiling is considered as a main part of adventures activities in gulmarg since from last few years. you can ride 15 kms run on groomed track from gulmarg to Mary shoulder.We provide world class facilities to our clients.we took our clients from base station gulmarg and take them to kongdori 
Mary shoulder 
paper trees 
gulmarg wild forest trees run and back to the base stations where from we take them. We also provide our clients a change to ride round the gulmarg which covers 8 kms of distance and cover all the local side seen. 

Activity Name:-Snowmobiling At Gulmarg
Pick up Point:-Gulmarg 
Drop location:-Gulmarg
Cost:-1500 to 5000 INR
Duration:-15 Minutes To 03 hours
For more info please feel free to contact us at: 
+91 7298752895