Shey used to be the capital of antique Ladakh. Shey palace Leh is located beside Indus River. Shey is approximately 15 kilometers from leh and is the beautiful villages in ladakh. Shey palace is one of the ancient palaces in Leh. The Leh Shey palace is the famous tourist destination in leh ladakh. Shey Palace is reconstructed in the mostly ruined state. Shey used to be the capital of ancient Ladakh. Shey palace Leh is placed on a hill Shey includes a gold topped victory Stupa. The monastery has a two storied statue of Sakyamuni Buddha shaped with copper and gold. The walls of the Du-Khang are decorated with beautiful frescos. In view that the monastery is exclusive, it's most excellent to make preparations to peer this monastery with the top Lama beforehand. Many chortens will also be obvious to the east of the Monastery. A traveller should not miss the engraving on a rook-face beside the primary avenue beneath the monastery which symbolizes five Buddha's in meditation.

The Shey Palace is built up in a very beautiful way and is extended up to 3 floors. Leh Shey Palace is attractive and tourist all over the world come and visits the palace. The name Shey is translated into Ladakhi that means mirror and it is known as the reflection of the palace. The shey is located at a intentional location overlooking the entire heartland of Ladakh. The statue is nearly 7.5m tall made up of brass plated with gold and treasurable gems. It is placed along the Indus River. It used to be built by way of the king of Ladakh 5 centuries in the past. It's famous for its scenic magnificence, palace and monasteries. It is about 30 km from Hemis. Widespread Hindi film three Idiots were shot in Shey College. The palace and monastery of Shey are in the neighborhood of the village by the identical identify.