The Khar – Leh Palace, Tsemo Castle, Namgyal Gompa
The Khar is the so called landmark of Leh almost since 17th century. Being in Leh and missing a sight of this mega structure (almost and comparatively), seems something has horribly gone wrong with your planning or you were somewhere else in Ladakh but not in Leh … It houses Leh Palace, Tsemo Castle and Namgyal Gompa on the same hills which houses this complex. The museum houses collection of ornaments, jewellery, thangkas and paintings about 450 year old but still look as new as it can ??

Shanti Stupa
Built on a hilltop in Changspa region of Leh at an altitude of about 14K feet (4267 Mtrs), Shanti Stupa was built in 1991 and is considered to be the most favorite tourist destination in/around Leh. The visit to Shanti Stupa would greet you with wide panoramic view of entire Leh town in foreground and with breath-taking landscapes in the background. You can reach it either through a drivable road all the way almost to top or you can choose to ascend about 500-600 stairs, which I will not advice if you are just landed a day or two back. After 7-8 day, you may give a try to fatigue using those stairs otherwise avoid them to let your body acclimatize properly.

Hall of Fame
Worth a visit for every Indian to get a feeling of undue respect and salute the spirit of heroes of the Kargil War, especially if you have not been to Kargil War Memorial on Srinagar – Leh Highway. On the other section, you can see and get an idea of various things that forms the rough life of our brave soldiers at Siachen viz. the shoes used by soldiers, the food they eat and how they heat them using Hexamycin tablets etc. You will walk out of with a different feeling if you really respect those brave souls, a feeling that can help you co-relate their rough life with yours which we keep cribbing over either some official matters or daily homely issues. Next time you do that think of these soldiers posted here for us, to protect our mother land and think how they get the strength to keep going in their lives … My heart was full of emotions when I walked out first ever from Kargil War Memorial.

Leh Main Bazaar / Leh Main Market
Most attractive place of Leh is Leh main baazar where you can have finest of cuisines and even shop for variety of accessories for your mother/sister/wifey/girl friend(s) or woollens for yourself and family or contact some travel agents for money exchange or planning your tours/treks etc. In fact this is the only place where you will find most of the hustle bustle of life in Leh – Ladakh and may be the most busiest part of Ladakh

Sankar Gompa / Monastery
It is about an easy half-hour walk from Leh towards the road leading to Khardung La pass. It is well lit in evening and considering the fact that visiting hours are only limited to morning and evening, I will say going in there for a short walk in evening is not at all a bad idea ?? …

Zorawar Fort
If you happen to have some interest in history and ancient culture, then you can visit Zorawar fort which is about 30-40 mins walk/hike from Leh main market and jeepable too if you are not interested in hiking. General Zorawar Singh owned this fort and is remembered here for struggle with Chinese. Europeans even termed him little Napolean of India.

Datun Sahib
Datun Sahib is a Meswak tree that is located close to Leh Palace or just behind the Jama Masjid in the Leh Main Baazar and holds quite religious significance for the whole Leh – Ladakh region. It is said to be the first ever tree planted by Guru Nanak ji, who blessed the town by planting it.

Sindhu Ghaat
A peaceful place where you can enjoy the river banks of Indus and relax amidst beautiful surroundings. The music of river just relaxes all the nerves you get after reaching this place. If you want to spend a lazing afternoon, go and be there at Sindhu ghaat and just relax