Located on the banks of the Tawi River, it boasts of a bewitching topography that is graced with lush greenery, colourful flowers, fountains and an amazing water body. A huge artificial lake with green turf, walkways and flower beds is built inside the complex. 

A fish-shaped aquarium and the Bahu Fort are important highlights of the garden. One of the largest underground structures of its kind, this aquarium presents you an exotic aquatic world along with a public gallery and museum with 400 varieties of fish. The Bahu Fort, on the other hand, is an old edifice that features a famous temple of Goddess Mahakali, locally known as Bawe-Wali Mata. 

Ideal for picnics and fun outings, this verdant landscape oozes spectacular beauty at every turn. Inside the garden, on either side of the well-laid pathways, you will find plants and fountains that accentuate the overall appeal of the place. In one of the corners of the garden, stands a set of beautifully carved stone sculptures. From the lakeside, you can behold sights of the Tawi River and adjacent terrains.