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Discover Gulmarg is an adventurous company to operate adventurous activities like powder sking, snowboarding.ice skting. Snow mobile rides and much more our purpose is to invite all the domestic and international tourists of all budgets to come gulmarg for adventure sports and also visit other places of valley like Srinagar, mughal gardens, sonsmarg and pahalgam the visit of Kashmir is incomplete without a night stay in houseboat at dal lake our guiding team also welcomes all the skiers throughout the world, to come gulmarg and enjoy the natural powder in, the paradise on earth KASHMIR our mission is to provide better hospitality and best service to all our clients of all budgets throughout the whole tour our mission is to provide high class facilities like cent rely heated hotels, comfortable transport,high tech equipment, expert mountain guide service and provide u a better trip of whole valley also.
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jammu and Kashmir is the northern most state in india .In seventeenth century the mughal emperor Jahangir set his eyes on the valley of kashmir .He said that if paradise is anywhere on the earth.It is here while leaving in a houseboat on dal lake "Gar firdous ruhe zamin ast" "hamin ast hamin asto hamin ast " if there is ever a heaven on earth it's here it's here its here the jandk have got many tourist designations like Srinagar,the mughal gardens,gulmarg,pahalgam,and sonamarg jammu and ladakh has got its own charm.